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10 Finest Christmas Horror Films Ever, Ranked

Are you trying to find a little bit of fright so as to add to your not-so-silent evening? You have received firm. Somebody just lately defined, “I am searching for horror motion pictures set round Christmas. It may be something that mixes the intense, cheerful aesthetics of the vacation with blood and terror.” Listed below are the top-voted suggestions.

10. Hogfather (2006)


Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather is a two-part British Christmas-themed fantasy comedy TV miniseries of Terry Pratchett’s ebook of the identical title. The collection carefully follows the novel’s plot, during which the Hogfather, the Discworld equal of Father Christmas, goes lacking, and Loss of life takes his place whereas Loss of life’s granddaughter Susan makes an attempt to seek out out what occurred. 

9. The Lodge (2019)

the lodge movie
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The Lodge is a psychological horror thriller following a soon-to-be stepmom, Grace (Riley Keough), and her fiancé’s (Richard Armitage) two children, becoming stranded at their rural lodge during Christmas. Grace escaped a cult following a mass suicide event. While stuck, the trio experience a series of unexplained events that appear connected to her past.

8. Christmas Evil (1980)

christmas evil
Image Credit: Pan American Pictures

Christmas Evil is a psychological horror thriller that follows a toy maker (Brandon Maggart) haunted by the image of his mother kissing Santa Claus. However, he doesn’t know it is his father in the suit. Nonetheless, as an adult, he revels in the Christmas spirit before the cynicism and hypocrisy of his coworkers lead him to a mental breakdown. He dresses as Santa and goes on a murderous rampage. 

7. Anna and The Apocalypse (2017)

anna and the apocalypse
Image Credit: Vertigo Releasing

Anna and the Apocalypse is a British Christmas zombie musical following a zombie apocalypse that forces Anna (Ella Hunt) and her friends to sing and fight their way to survival. The gang struggles to reach their loved ones and realizes they only have each other. 

6. Better Watch Out (2016)

Image Credit: Well Go USA

Better Watch Out is a psychological horror Christmas movie following a babysitter (Olivia DeJonge) traveling to the Lerner’s home in suburbia to watch their 12-year-old son during the holidays. First, however, she must ward off masked intruders with a more sinister plan than a typical home invasion. It also stars Levi Miller and Ed Oxenbould. 

5. Gremlins (1984)

Gremlins Christmas
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Gremlins is a black comedy horror Christmas classic following a young boy who receives a strange creature called a Mogwai as a Christmas gift.

His name is Gizmo, and he comes with three critical rules: do not expose the Mogwai to light, especially sunlight, or it will die; do not get it wet; and above all, never feed a Mogwai after midnight. However, the rules get broken, spawning many aggressive, murderous monsters destroying the town on Christmas Eve.

4. Black Christmas (1974)

black christmas 1974
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Black Christmas is a Canadian Christmas slasher following a group of sorority sisters receiving threatening phone calls and ultimately being stalked and murdered by a deranged psychopath during the holiday season. 

3. Krampus (2015)

krampus steve unwin photo
Image Credit: Steve Unwin – Universal Pictures

Krampus is a Christmas horror comedy following a dysfunctional family whose fighting causes a young kid to lose his holiday spirit. As a result, he unleashes a European folklore ancient horned demonic best called Krampus. Krampus punishes naughty little kids at Christmas time. It stars Adam Scott and Toni Collette.

2. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

silent night deadly night
Image Credit: TriStar Pictures

One suggested, “Silent Night, Deadly Night is the gold standard for holiday slashers.” It’s a psychological slasher film following a young man named Billy, who is suffering from post-traumatic stress after witnessing his parents’ murder on Christmas Eve.

A man disguised as Santa Claus carried out the murders. The Christmas holiday leads an adult Billy into a psychological breakdown, and he eventually emerges as a killer wearing a Santa suit.

1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

Image Credit: Oscilloscope Laboratories

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a Finnish fantasy action horror film about people living near Korvatunturi discovering the secret behind Santa Claus. A young boy and his friend uncover Santa’s tomb. However, it’s not jolly ole St. Nick, but a sinister Santa Claus. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of the best Christmas horror movies. Also, check out these best comedy horror movies of all time.

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